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Jumping feet first in to the 21st Century, Pope have made their albums available as mp3 downloads so you don’t have to wait for the postie to arrive or trek down to your local HMV/Virgin/MegaPopTastic CD store and pay over the odds! Either click the Shop Link on the top right or DOWNLOAD <– Right There!!

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  1. Kenn Norman says:

    On a whim, I went to the 2015 Rebellion Festival in a shithole known as Blackpool. I had never been and was pretty sure I was the only person to go all the way there from Los Angeles. There were some 260 acts and I ran around like a madman trying to catch part or all of acts I was interested in. On Saturday night I found myself up front center at the Chords. I have to say that, although I loved their Polydor LP in the late seventies, I just thought them another punk rock casualty. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Out of the 61 acts I was able to catch, these guys stopped me cold. Tight, angry, focused. I couldn’t pull myself away. When people ask me what was my favorite act at the festival, I have to say these guys. I cannot put my finger on why. Their performance just hit me square in the chest that only the best acts can. I came home and bought all of Chris’ solo records and became a Pledge for the new Chords LP. Thanks guys for making me forget the shithole that is Blackpool.

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