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Since the late 70’s Chris Pope has been a front-runner in the world of singer songwriters…..

His first outing with Mod-Punk Mega Group THE CHORDS 1979-81 was followed by critically acclaimed bands AGENT ORANGE, GATECRASH HEAVEN, and  later POPE.

Eventually settling on the name CHRIS POPE…

Fitting for a man who has written classics such as; ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, So Far Away, ‘Brave New World’, ‘Loves still here’ and now following soon with a new single/video ‘Mutiny on the Thames’…

Chris for the last 2 years has been working on his new album ‘Peace of Mind’ with bass player Mic Stoner (The Chords 2012, Pope, Candyheads) and super skinsman Kenny Cooper (Pope)….

12 new superbly crafted tracks ready for release later this year!

In tandem with this Chris has been on tour with The Chords inc Buddy Ascott and Billy Hassett  in 2010, also the ongoing onslaught of gigs as CHRIS POPE plus a sublime Chords tour this year – 2012 –  London, Japan and Australia …

Now as ‘CHRIS POPE’, Chris is able to combine the past and present into what will prove to be killer live performances, still with the venom and passion of the 70s/80s shows but now also with the style and grace of someone that really has nothing left to prove…..

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What People Are Saying

Sarge – Scootering Magazine

Chris Pope – Mutiny On The Thames E-Pop (CD Single)

First taste of Chris Pope’s forthcoming album Peace Of Mind is in the shape ofMutiny On The Thames,which is in both the radio edit and the uncut version. The latter being the better option, purely as it gives more of the song to hear, especially bearing in mind that Chris has not only been a (hard)working musician since the late 70’s, he’s also a very talented songwriter as well. He was responsible for writing timeless anthems such as Maybe Tomorrow, Brave New World among others with The Chords as well as the critically acclaimed Pope albums Grace Of God and Tall Tales And Cheap Thrills. Big, bouncy and brash Mutiny On The Thames comes complete with a Chris Pope trademark sound, both punk and mod in structure, sing along lyrics and a chorus with a hook so big it can snare record size killer sharks with ease, plus a quasi patriotic edge. Opening line ‘There’ll always be an England, on that you can depend, but watch out fools who make the rules… for mutiny on the Thames’ leads into a proper anthem in the making. A rabble rousing, air punching shout a long ideal for last half hour playlists at club do’s and scooter rallies everywhere.



Nikki Brooks – Resonance Radio 104.4fm

Its very easy to feel disillusioned with the music scene in this country with  bands dominating the pages of NME  that are seemingly from very privileged back grounds that sadly lack that verve and passion in their performance that this Country was once renowned for but have the cash and contacts for the all important PR. If you  want to see a band that sums up why England were the country that rocked the world then you will get no better than Chris Pope the Band . I went to the launch party of their  single ” Mutiny on the  Thames  at the 12bar Club London and was shown an absolute master class in how to perform  that can be found in all the greats from  The Stones , The kinks, The Clash and The who. Can you really put this band alongside such iconic acts? Yes I believe you can as what they all had in common was not a want to perform but an absolute need as if their lives depended on it and that’s what you see raw and close up with Chris Pope. There is a real difference between being a musician and a performer ,the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand but with these guys you get the best of both. From the precision and finesse from  Mic Stoner on Bass and  Kenny Cooper on Drums mixed with Chris ripping  wild  notes  from his Gibson guitar like a hybrid Neil Young and Mick Jones  all connected as if one unit, all wrapped up in giving completely  of themselves on stage makes for a compelling show. Chris literally attacks the stage like a caged animal that’s broken free yet always connecting with the audience as if letting you in to his private world.What a band should do is make you feel alive ,as if  is  anything is possible, that you can rule  the world.  This is  what you get from these guy’s and that’s a mark of a band worth seeing  again and again . A band worth investing your hard earned pounds in . 

MOJO magazine  – “Their debut reveals their protagonist hasn’t mellowed a bit with age.”- 4/5 stars

Uncut magazine – “Grace of God is as savage as (Pete) Townshend with toothache…Ace.”

Record Collector magazine – “Loud, sweeping, righteous, and verging on the bombastic, it’s cut-the-crap stuff…it’s good to have him back.”

Classic Rock magazine – “The Former Chords beef up their mod revivalist roots with surly Godfathersalike snottiness, urban Britrock laddishness and a la mode Doherty slovenliness – 7/10”

Scootering magazine – “A modern masterpiece of great guitar music.”

MOJO  “The track Get Into London  simply sums up the raw power, stinging lyrics and sing-along-hooks from this great album.”

Record Collector  ****  “evocative stories from Life’s underbelly”

Scootering   .. “Recommended Listening   “An album that WILL stand the test of time”

Birmingham Sunday times    “Album of the week”


Albums Available For Download

Jumping feet first in to the 21st Century, Pope have made their albums available as mp3 downloads so you don’t have to wait for the postie to arrive or trek down to your local HMV/Virgin/MegaPopTastic CD store and pay over the odds! Either click the Shop Link on the top right or DOWNLOAD <– Right There!!

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